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Core Features

Core Features

Core functionalities are those which are present in the software by default and considered as most basic to run any HIMS. There are 5 core features of Clinta Extended.

Doctor Data Management

Doctor data management is the core feature of ClinTa extended. It has four sections including software account details, professional details, percentage share with days & timing deta... read more.

Patient Data Management

All basic information of a patient is recorded to search him/her through different parameters including name, father's/husband's name, phone number, CNIC and many other. It is als... read more.

Patient Billing System

It offers a wide variety of advantages over conventional billing, as it creates run time ledger of a patient by addition of every new service and every new payment. It behaves dif... read more.

Doctor share and Accounts Management

Multi-segmented doctor share is managed here. This share is calculated automatically parallel to the generation of an invoice. No separate working is required. This share is calcu... read more.

Front Desk Empowerment

The reception module handles various enquiries quickly about past patient records, patient treatment process, doctors' availability and schedules, appointments availability, rooms... read more.

Advance Features

Advance Features

Advanced features are optional for the hospital either to get deployed or not as per their varying operations and requirements. Among these, different features are available in different software programs but all features in an integrated mode are generally lacking. ClinTa Extended Identified this unmet need of hospital sector and introduced all these features with complete integration in a way that a single entry in the system updates records of all departments in a hospital. These features are as under:


Doctor Scheduling & Appointment System

Our Scheduling and appointment system is linked with the website of the hospital which we offer complimentary with the software. It facilitates proper scheduling of every ... read more.


OPD Management System

OPD management is required for quick and precise actions for patient registration, providing appointment & billing for the patient. It facilitates doctor scheduling and ap... read more.


IPD/EPD Management System

IPD & EPD requirements are managed here. It deals with numerous information heads at the same time including patients, doctors, rooms, beds, admission, accounts, discharge... read more.


OT Management System

There are multiple operation theatres in any hospital, and manually it is difficult to track the work load and scheduling for every operation theatre independently. ClinTa... read more.



It manages different operations of the lab along with integrating it with all available doctors, departments and sections (OPD, IPD & EPD). It manages Indoor/Outdoor patie... read more.



ClinTa Extended provides dual pharmacy system for a hospital, an internal pharmacy and an external pharmacy. Internal pharmacy is linked with the central procurement of th... read more.


Panel Management

Most of the corporate companies give medical services to their employees and link any hospital as Panel for discount or credit. This segment allows maintaining multiple co... read more.


Discount & Refund Management

It gives a complete module to manage the discount and refunds. It identifies the origin of discount and manages its impact. It manages not only the patient invoice and led... read more.


Access/Restriction Management

A dedicated section is given to manage the access levels and restriction to be applied to different users as per the administrative objectives of the hospital. It improves... read more.



Paper-driven procurement has a detrimental effect on an organization's bottom line. A routine purchase generates bundles of paperwork, and needs too many back-and-forth em... read more.


Inventory Management

ClinTa Extended classifies every inventory item as consumable or merchandising which facilitates the inventory management of a hospital by tracking its inventory levels, o... read more.


Accounts Management

ClinTa Extended offers basic accounting provisions by managing inflows & outflows and generating different types of reports; meaningful for operational and strategic decis... read more.


Hospital Branch Management

Few hospitals having multiple branches, these types of hospitals can be well managed by using this application. A hospital can manage its doctors, users, appointments, bil... read more.


Treatment Package Templates

This feature is introduced to minimize the duration of billing process as well as to maximize the bilateral convenience of patients and the support staff of the hospital. ... read more.


Interdepartmental Patient Management

Patient movement log is maintained to explore the segment (OPD, IPD, OT) and department executed the diagnostic and treatment measures. It also ensures the information sha... read more.


Dashboards & Reporting System

There is extensive variety of dashboards and reports as per nature of the user. All these are created keeping in view the varying needs of doctors, reception staff, admini... read more.


Routine Email alerts

At the time of deployment, we expect the list of situations where email alerts are required and who are the target recipients of those emails. These emails will be generat... read more.


SMS Communication Portal

ClinTa Extended have latest SMS Communication system to get updated associated doctor for share, patients for appointment and invoices with payments confirmations, Surgeon... read more.


Blood Bank

Its complete version is in its beta testing, currently this module is ready to register the volunteer blood donors with a feature archiving imported information relevant t... read more.


Online Support Ticketing System

Our online ticketing system streamlines how we communicate with our customers. Unlike email, it does not require the set-up of multiple folder structures and color coded t... read more.

Extended Features

Extended Features.

Extended are those features which have never been introduced in any HIMS in Pakistan before ClinTa Extended. On one hand these features resolve different unidentified problems of patient healthcare system whereas on the on the other hand it identifies the hidden sources of financial losses through its integrated functionality.

Integrated EMRs (Electronic Medical Records):

ClinTa extended introduces integration of medical records electronically in order to increase the precision and efficiency of patient treatment process. It helps a cli... read more.

E-Prescription with QPT (Quick Prescription Templates) Module

ClinTa extended is aware of the fact that in spite of advantages of EMRs, doctors avoid to use it for its limitation of increased time in online prescriptions. In orde... read more.

System Deviation Alerts

Clinta Extended knows the ways and means to prevent unidentified financial losses. Many financial losses are by virtue of analyzing different departments and processes... read more.

Integrated Patient Portal

This is an unmatchable feature of clinta Extended which has never been though in Pakistan before we did it. Integrated patient portal is password-protected and web-bas... read more.

Patient Referral System

As ClinTa extended is a member of ‘ClinTa Range of Software Programs’ which includes 9 other healthcare software programs. It gives many other advantages to its us... read more.

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