Pharmacy Management System

It is more than just a Point of Sale (POS) and has all the segments required to ensure stability and growth of retail pharmacy business.

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Like many other fields, pharmacy management is rapidly evolving in Pakistan. There are a number of contributing factors for this rapid evolution but the biggest 3 contributing factors are government regulations, undetectable financial losses and emergence of competitive environment in retail pharmacy business. All these contributing factors are in fact the challenges of the industry which are difficult to counter for any pharmacy owner with the prevailing conventional practices. In order to better respond to these challenges and to convert them into opportunities, such a software program is required to be deployed that can quickly analyze the data related either to any regulatory or business requirement of a retail pharmacy outlet.



ClinTa PMS is a software program that enables a pharmacy owner not only to gain a competitive advantage but also helps them to prevent their financial losses and optimize profitability of their existing operations.



We aim to enable every pharmacy outlet to automate their operations with ClinTa PMS by providing them customized solution with flexible payment plan. We further intend to support the pharmacy owner to gain a better control on every segment of his business by exploring the classified sales & profitability indices of products, days, months, & sales persons etc.



ClinTa PMS is just not a Point of Sale (POS) for a pharmacy outlet; rather it offers additional advantages of a complete Pharmacy Management System. It is different from many other available software programs of pharmacy retail outlets, that it starts its operations from the physical layout of the pharmacy and covers all aspects of regulatory, inventory, financial, supply chain, sales, cash-flow and profitability management. A short description of these segments is given as under:

Regulatory Requirements

ClinTa PMS well understands the regulatory requirements of a retail pharmacy outlet and hence equipped itself with SOPs and reports required by the regulatory authorities. It has a dedicated segment... read more.

Layout Management

It enables you to manage and track the location and responsibility of the physical stock. It does so by classifying the physical space, the storage position, available stocks, duty shifts, and the c... read more.

Supply Chain Management

It enables management to address multiple issues simultaneously including overstocking, stock shortages, ordering as per the cash flow, maintain the payment cycles to different vendors etc. It also ... read more.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the trickiest part of a retail pharmacy management. Expired stock, stock shortages, overstocking, dead items, and stock shrinkage are the major issues contributing towards th... read more.

Sales Management

Sales management is the most basic feature of any software program designed for retail pharmacy outlet. ClinTa PMS not only offers all conventional features of a Pharmacy POS but also provides some ... read more.

Accounts & Finance Management

This is the ultimate goal of any business and for a retail pharmacy outlet it is increasingly important as there is very high frequency of bilateral cash flow. ClinTa PMS records and processes accou... read more.


A dedicated section is given to manage the access levels and restrictions to be applied to different users as per the administrative objectives of the business. It improves the performance and relia... read more.

Dashboards and Customized Reporting System

There is an extensive variety of dashboards as per requirements of the user. Each dashboard is enriched with advanced search filters and numerous relevant reports.... read more.

Auto Alerts

ClinTa PMS will have a complete alerting system based on products which are less than the required in Pharmacy (Threshold Value) to prevent shortage of stock. It will also generate alerts of the pro... read more.

Specialized Search Engine

This is a specialized feature for creative exploratory decision making to find out the new avenues of business growth. These include searches by one or many of the following parameters simultaneousl... read more.

Advanced Features

There are many advanced features which differentiates ClinTa PMS to that of many other available options. These include:
. Product profil... read more.

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