We are franchising our

Registration & Complaint Centers (RCCs)

We enable our franchisees to earn handsome amount without financial investment, just by investing their time & skills


About Us

ClinTa is a brand of Holistic Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. It is well known among doctors for its innvoative medical features which benefit a doctor in the entire patient treatment process.

We have been extending our innovation and precision towards general public to improve quality of their lives through opening their health account with us. It benefits a common man through its diverse features (for details www.clinta.biz/healthcare)

ClinTa Franchise network is the only of its kind that it demands nothing to give it to our corporate rather it supports its franchisees with branding and training support to grow in their business. This is the only franchise network of Pakistan where a franchisee has nothing to lose.

We classify our network into different categories by evaluating the profile of its franchisees so that our every franchisee can come-up with good earning amount right from the first month.


We have our own set of objectives to reach to ultimate goal of creating a society where healthcare data is readily available to patients and doctors and to integrate medical records of doctors, diagnostic centers and patients to improve overall quality of life in the society and

1. To improve the public awareness at gross root level about the significance & advantages of ClinTa Healthcare.

2. To include the human element in the process of registration to improve members’ confidence for a new, modern and innovative concept of holistic healthcare.

3. To make our all franchisee responsible to carefully listen to the problems and complaints of all registered members and get these resolved through effective and strong communication with ClinTa Headoffice.


Franchisee’s Responsibilities are the specific tasks or duties which they are expected to complete as a function of their roles. These will be the obligations for which they will be held accountable and rewarded with attractive income and incentives.


We consider it an important obligation of a franchiser to contribute to increase the knowledge and awareness about... read more


All the revenue of a franchisee is based on the this responsibility. Every franchise set up will be given with a target ... read more


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Lucky Winners

In addition to different healthcare attraction for our premium members, we also offer different high priced prizes ... read more

Member Communication

Communication with registered members for any activity (free medical camp, educational program, prize distribution etc) ... read more

Corporate Communication

Although corporate will remain in contact with all the franchisee through formal meetings and informal visits by our ... read more

Requirements & Advantages

Our franchising model is unique in nature as it demands nothing in terms of financial investment. It can be acquired in six different categories as per the personal and professional capabilities of the applicant. Income level of the selected will vary as per the category ranging form 12,500/- to more than a million. Following are the details of different categories

Holistic Solutions (PVT) LTD.

ClinTa is a project of Holistic Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. which is well known in pharmaceutical industry for its services including training & development programs, designing and content writing and business consultancy.

2nd floor, Holistic Tower, Jinnah Boulevard West, Sector A, DHA Phase-II, Islamabad.


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