Creating a website for their own was an unmet need of doctors and hospitals. It appeared as a cause of communication gap between doctor and patients in an emerging IT based era. This communication gap was identified and worked upon, and ultimately bridged by Holistic Solution (Pvt.) Limited by introducing ClinTa Web-Builder.

ClinTa Web-Builder is a sister concern of ClinTa Doctor (range of software for Doctors and Hospitals) and ClinTa Healthcare (set of healthcare tools for patients and patient caretakers).
As all ClinTa brands are serving the cause of improving the healthcare status by integrating healthcare data between patients and doctors, hence we can well understand the needs and required specifications of a doctor's or hospital's website. We created this web builder after in depth review of all required specifications and marketed it after completing our premarketing reserch work and test installtions.

Professional Advantages

In healthcare community, usually doctors are too engaged either with their patients or with their clinical research work that they cant spare time to communicate with their patients about their skills and expertise. In order to meet this objective they need a medium as per the trends of the modern age. ClinTa Web Builder came up with following professional advantages which not only supports to meet this objective but also facilitate their clinical research.

 Layout is customized specially for Doctors and Hospitals

 Clinical Research supportive dashboard facility

 Wide range of self managed web banners

 Wide range of self managed thematic colors

 Online patient appointment panel

 Social media integration

 SMS and email alert services for patients, doctors and nominated support staff

 Appointment panel integration with ClinTa range of softwares

 Facilitated website view by ClinTa community

Technical Advantages

ClinTa Web Builder helps you to build a dynamic website which is 100% in your own control in a very easy to operate manner in which user’s technical expertise is not required. In addition to its dynamism, it also offers following technical advantages which are usually lacking in traditional web development.

 Desktop, Laptop and mobile responsive interface

 Annual domain and hosting charges charges are exempted

 Eliminating complications of shared server by providing dedicated ClinTa server

 Auto cloud back up

 Consistent IT Support

Holistic Solutions (PVT) LTD.

ClinTa is a project of Holistic Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. which is well known in pharmaceutical industry for its services including training & development programs, designing and content writing and business consultancy.

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