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Clinta is an innovative platform not only for doctors but also for general public to get benefitted with comprehensive health records and interpretations along with specialized and generalized health tools for doctors and general public respectively.

About us

Clinta supports its all professional and individual users to maintain respective health records and to exchange required information with each other. It also supports its users by providing basic and advanced healthcare information to keep them healthy and to improve their diseased conditions towards health. It also supports to find doctors most suitable to their health status. An integrated health management approach is a new practice management model integrating doctor practice management, online patient engagement e-Prescribing, independent record keeping by a doctor and the patient and integrating data from individual records of the patient and from different doctors to reach to the best healthcare provision.

Clinta introduced integrative patient healthcare approach which improves both the patient and physician experience. Patients are more engaged in their own care and the doctors have quick access to reliable patient records.

"Clinta Doctor" upgrades an information deficient patient presentation into an information reliant healthcare system.

It supports a clinician not only in diagnosing and treating a patient but also tracking the response rate of the patient towards prescribed medication.

"Clinta Healthcare" is a brand extension of a clinical software which is known among healthcare professionals for its innovation and precision.

Now we are extending our innovation and precision towards general public to improve quality of their lives through opening their health account with us

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